Vacuum Forming Tooling

We provide an efficient and cost-effective service in manufacturing quality tooling for vacuum formed parts.

From your CAD model data or plastic samples, we have the expertise to design the tool, with the design refined by listening carefully to your exact needs.

We use the latest software, VISI R21, to design the tool using its powerful surface modelling features. We also have MODVIEW, a viewer and conversion software. It is capable of handling a wide variety CAD format such as Iges, Step, Parasolid, Catia, Rhino, Solidworks, Solidege and Pro Engineer.

Using our 5 axis and 3 axis milling machines, we can machine a maximum operating envelope of 3m x 2m x 1m. All toolpaths are computed using our latest Autodesk Powermill 5 axis software.

We manufacture vacuum forming tooling using the following methods:

  • Ureol model board tooling (0.5 to 1.2 density)
  • MDF tooling
  • Cast aluminium tools from foundry patterns
  • Trimming fixture using GRP or PU fast cast

All our vacuum forming tools are cleaned and vented then mounted on a set-up that suits your machines and our trimming fixtures are cleaned and checked for suction of the plastic onto the trimming fixture.

We also check, after our delivery, that our tooling has performed correctly and any issues are promptly dealt with, within 24 hours where possible. It is worth noting that we have pass rate of 99%.

We are able to provide fully trimmed vacuum formed parts via our vacuum forming partner company. This enables us to give our customers a complete solution from concept to finished component.

GRP Tooling

We provide an efficient service in manufacturing cost effective quality tooling for GRP parts. We can manufacture patterns or direct moulds using a range of material such as MDF, model boards and plywood. The pattern is designed from CAD model data supplied, or GRP parts using our latest surface modelling software Visi R21.

We listen carefully to your needs when designing the pattern in order to ensure that it is best suited to your process. The design is reviewed and approved prior to machining. We allow 3 changes to the design at no extra charge, but we usually get it right within 2 iterations.

We can also reverse engineer GRP parts using laser scanning techniques from our approved data capture partner.

Upon approval of the design, the pattern is blocked and machined on our 5 axis machine. All toolpaths are computed using our latest Autodesk Powermill 5 axis software. The pattern is then cleaned and sanded to a smooth acceptable standard.

We also check after delivery that the pattern has performed to your specification and any issues are dealt within 24 hours. It is worth noting that we have pass rate of 99%.

Composite Tooling

We provide a fast turnaround machining service for composite tooling and are able to accommodate urgent tooling requirements for the composite parts manufacturers.

A CAD model of the tool is provided by the customer and we machine all the tooling from epoxy model board using our 5 axis machine. We use our CAM software: Autodesk Powermill to compute all our toolpaths. The sophisticated software enables us to achieve a good finish.

We then sand the patterns to 600 grit or higher if requested. The patterns are then inspected using our CIMCORE arm.

We also check, after delivery, that the pattern has performed to specification and any issues are dealt within 24 hours. It is worth noting that we have pass rate of 99%.

Jigs & Fixtures

We manufacture cost effective jigs and fixtures for the automotive industries.

The fixtures can be a combination of:

  • Fabricated steel work
  • Ali plates and blocks
  • PU and Nylon blocks
  • Pneumatics
  • Mechanical clamps

We provide a one stop shop for our customers whereby we provide a fully working fixture from their design. The fixtures are usually manufactured within 6-8 weeks due to its number of different components.

To ensure a smooth running of the project, we project manage the entire process from start to finish and we regularly update our customers on our progress. We use the latest software, Spaceclaim, for separating the different components, for CAD modelling the PU patterns and nesting the plates.

Using our vertical milling machines and 5 axis machine, we are able to manufacture aluminium plates and blocks, nylon blocks. All the toolpaths are written using Alphacam Advanced Milling software and Autodesk Powermill Milling Software.

We buy in the pneumatic and mechanical parts from approved suppliers including the metal framework. The entire fixture is then assembled in our premises and then checked thoroughly before delivery.

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