Jigs & Fixtures

Case study 5: Manufacture assembly Fixture

We were asked to manufacture an assembly fixture to bond 2 plastic parts.

It was a complex project due to the number and variety of components: Fabricated table, aluminium plates, aluminium blocks, nylon blocks, large PU blocks and various pneumatic parts bought from specialist suppliers.

The design of the assembly fixture was provided by our customer but it had to be dissected and put into manageable chunks of work.

A project plan was drawn up and the job was separated into items with a time that they needed to be finished by.

This was a highly complex project but because of our project planning and scheduling process we were able to complete the project and deliver it in 7 rather than the 8 weeks allowed. This was despite unexpected obstacles such as an issue in the supply of the pneumatic parts. Because we maintain a list of preferred suppliers, we were able to quickly transfer our order and keep the project on track.

We also worked with our external partners to ensure that their elements of the project were delivered ahead of time and on specification.

The customer was clearly delighted with the quality of the finished fixture and the fact that we delivered a week ahead of schedule. We have since undertaken more projects for them.

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