GRP Tooling

Manufacture GRP Pattern for Camper Van Roof

A camper van manufacturer approached us to design one of their new van roofs and produce the pattern for the GRP part.

We were given CAD data of the framework of the standard van and it was our job to design the roof.

The roof was designed after listening carefully to the customer specifications.

Once designed, we machined the pattern for the roof out of model board using our 5 axis machine.

The pattern was 3000 mm long by 1400 mm wide and 200 mm high.

We highly polished the pattern ready for delivery to the GRP company in order to make the mould.

The pattern had trim lines which the GRP company used as reference to hand trim the roof.

This was a project where we worked closely with our customer and the GRP manufacturer in order to achieve the final product.

We had to overcome constraints of the end user and the GRP manufacturer whilst ensuring that we met their tight quality and delivery requirements.

The project was completed on time and on budget and the production for the camper vans continued as planned.

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