Case study 1: HVAC  Packaging Vacuum formed Tray

The project specification was to develop a transit tray that will hold the HVAC component whilst transporting them from the component supplier to the automotive assembly plant.

The project was managed from concept right through production of the tooling. The project had several stages: 

Concept: A conceptual design was proposed to the client and the design was refined until the client was happy with our proposal. We provided unlimited design changes.

Prototype: Upon approval of the design, a prototype tool was manufactured to prove out the concept, feedback from the customer was used to further develop the tray. The tool was designed and manufactured using our vetical CNC machine.

Production: When the prototype was approved, a production tool was produced. The tool was made from cast aluminium and it was successfully trialled. We provided support right to the end of the trial.

In excess of 500 vacuum formed trays were manufactured from the tool, we provided and the trays performed exceedingly well at the automotive assembly plant.

This is an example of the work that we can carry out from design of the vacuum formed tray right through to procurement of tooling whilst project managing the entire process by working with the end user and the vacuum forming company.

Case study 2: Vacuum formed prototype part

The project was to design and procure the tooling for a vacuum formed prototype part of a well known large automotive company.

The vacuum forming tool was designed from the part file supplied by our automotive client, see picture to the left:

Upon approval of the tool design which is designed to suit the vacuum forming machine, the tool was manufactured in ureol model board using our smaller CNC machine.

We also provided the CNC trimming fixture for this project:

The tools were used to produce in excess of 50 parts that were supplied to the automotive company

These prototype parts were fitted into test vehicles and performed extremely well.

This is another example of design and procurement of vacuum forming tool and CNC fixture for vacuum forming companies whilst project managing from beginning of the project right through to the delivery of vacuum formed parts.

Case study 3: Composite tooling for Concept Car Dash Board.

This project consisted of project managing and procuring the tooling for the composite tool design, supplied by the customer.

The tool was machined from epoxy resin model board using one of our approved quality machinist and it was delivered on time and on budget.

A full quality inspection report was submitted along with the delivery of the tool. This tool was for a major composite part manufacturer and they were delighted with the way the project was managed especially with the regular updates.

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